Standard Bank Loans

If you are looking for a loan and you are not to sure where to go Standard Bank can be the answer. Standard Bank offers a number of loans that will suit you as an individual. Below we are taking a look at the loans that Standard Bank is offering.

Standard Bank Overdraft

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The Overdraft is precisely for unplanned expenses in a case were you have no enough cash then you can turn to a Overdraft, what is nice about the Overdraft is that loaded to your current account. This means that you have the convenience of borrowing on the same account that is used for your daily banking transactions.

The Overdraft has a limit of R 500 and contains no no monthly service fee charges and Once you have an overdraft, you can conveniently increase or decrease your limit via any of Standard Bank’s self service channels.

Standard Bank AccessLoan

AccessLoan is Standard Bank’s latest offering when it comes to Loans, this kind of a Loan is personalized to you as an individual and needs at the same time considering your budget. With AccessLoan, you will also have access to insurance cover that will pay off your loan if you pass away or become disabled. You can get a loan for up to R40,000 and loan periods are between 3 months and 42 months.

If you are looking for a loan that consider you as an individual then AccessLoan is for you.

Standard Bank Student Loan

In today’s society education is no longer a want but a need especially if you are living in South Africa where you must at least have an Education to earn a reasonable salary, unfortunately not everyone can afford education due to high fees.

Thanks to Standard Bank Student loan everyone can now afford to study at a higher education, with this student loan you will be able to pay your fees, equipment, books and accommodation. What is nice about the Standard Bank Student Loan is that you don’t have to start paying off the actual loan until you have completed all of your studies, but you will have to pay off the interest while you are studying.

Standard Bank Personal Loan

You can get a Personal Loan from Standard Bank if you earn more than R 3000 a month then your chances of qualifying are good, you can get a loan of up to R 300 000.

Personal loans are suitable for financing large payments or purchases, such as appliances, furniture, school fees, or if you require credit over an extended period.

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Standard Bank Loans
Standard Bank Loans

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