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Money Star offers Loans, Cellular Contracts, and Long-Term Insurance, and they consist of 14 branches nation wide.

Money Star Loans

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The Money Star Loan is up R15 000 and the payment is within 18 months.

Money Star Cellular Contracts

If you are looking for cellular contract the Money Star is the way to go, they have Vodacom, Samsung, Nokia, LG, HTC, Blackberry to choose from and they have all the latest models of smartphones.

Money Star Long-Term Insurance

If you get a credit with Money Star then they will get into a Credit Agreement which will Credit Life Insurance in case of Death, Total and Permanent Disability or Temporary Total Disability, the Credit Life Insurance Policy will assist you to meet payment obligations in term of the Credit Agreement.

Every Loan all the loan product that might suit you as an individual, so if you are looking for an alternative product go to for more information.

Money Star
Money Star