Kagisano Loans

Kagisano Financial Services can help you upgrade your financial services by offering you a loan between R3,000 and R60,000 (unsecured) for up to 5 years. Kigisano Loan have no penalties for extra repayments or early payout and they consist of competitive loan rates.

Apply Below

Buy all the things you want with Kagisano Loans to apply just email or call us on the contact details below.

Phone: 014 592 6814
Fax: 014 592 6869
Email: rustenburg@kagisano.co.za
Physical Address:
20a Biblio Plaza Nelson Mandela Drive, Proteapark, Rustenburg, 0299

Try apply for Bay Port Personal Loan if Kagisano is not the one you want.

Kagisano Loans
Kagisano Loans

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  1. good day to whom it may concern: i received a letter from JM Attorneys says that i owe u 311.66 for the phone that i have taken on contract i dont owe you anything cause my last month of payments i came to u guys the problem was my sim card was no longer receiving and dialling for calls, and one of the ladies he said that it is because i have finished to pay contract but if i want to continue i can extend my contract as the sim card belongs to you, so I SAID NO I NO LONGER WANTS A CONTRACT and i want to know why now, 2007 -2013 do u know how many years is this, so im sorry i will not pay a cen( why did u close my sim??????)

  2. I am in randfontein, gauteng, so i want you to offer me a loan , can you please send me details of a branch that is closer to my location and contact details. Thankx

  3. Hi there,

    I am in urgent need of a loan for R3000. Could you please help me. I do not have a good credit rating but I will not default on my repayments. I have been employed permanently for the last 6 years and earn after deductions R7500.

  4. hi i owe this company close to 6000,plz locate a nearby branch to contact,im in Jhb central.i would like to settle my debt asp .tanx

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