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Ithala offers loans that are designed for you, Ithala Limited offers a host of Loan products and services, including:

  • Cash Loan products;
  • Home Loan products;
  • Personal Loan products;
  • Commercial Property Loan services; and
  • Home Improvement Loan services.

Ithala contact details:

Physical address:
Ithala Limited
Head Office
15th Floor
303 West Street

Tel +27 31 366 2500

E-mail clientservicesltd@ithala.co.za

Toll free number 080 133 1130
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  • Good Day,

    I am a blacklisted, however i am only blacklisted from accounts done in the past and I am therefore paying off my accounts.
    I would like to take out a personal loan in order to help me speed up my account payments as i am looking to take out a home loan in the future.

    Kind Regards