FNB Temporary/ATM Loan

FNB Temporary/ATM Loan is a loan that is available immediately in your bank account and everything is done on the FNB ATM and the repayment term is 31 days after if is not paid the interest of 2% will be paid FNB Temporary Loan give you extra cash in an instant.

Ways to apply

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FNB Temporary Loan is so easy to apply all you need to have is an account with FNB and you can simply apply at the nearest FNB ATM is quick and fast for you to receive the funds instantly.

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What does the FNB Temporary/ATM Loan offer

FNB Temporary/ATM Loan Offer loans R300 up to R10 000 and you need to have R750 in your bank account and be 18 years or older and the application is easy you just apply at the ATM is quick FNB Temporary Loan is the best way for getting extra cash in your pocket.

Contact details

Call 0861 276 937 or visit the Website:www.fnb.co.za

FNB ATM Temporaly Loan
FNB ATM Temporary Loan

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