FNB Overdraft

The FNB Overdraft is the easiest way to get instant cash, you can get cash from FNB ATM, ENB Online banking. The Overdraft is linked to your Personal Cheque Account and the limit is available immediately upon approval, It requires no minimum monthly repayment as long as you remain within the agreed limit and make regular deposits into your Personal Cheque Account.

It is a fluctuating facility, which reduces with monthly deposits, and is immediately available up to the approved limit should you need the funds. You only pay a monthly fee if more than R200 of the facility is used, It can be used to cover unforeseen expenses.

An Overdraft Facility is free on take-up – if you don’t use it, you don’t pay for it, Automatic Debt Protection is available and the amount you are covered for depends on the type of Cheque Account you hold with FNB: Gold Cheque, Account: Automatic Cover of R 2000, Platinum Cheque Account: Automatic Cover of R 5000, Encore Cheque Account: Automatic Cover of R2000.

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FNB Overdraft

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