Loans for blacklisted people are often limited especially if you are looking at getting a loan at the bank, if your have a bad credit record and you are blacklisted then they wont give you a loan.

We are open to provide you with information that will help you get a loan even if are blacklisted.

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  • Hi I'm Bonisile please help me to get personal loan. I don't know whether I'm blacklisted or nt

  • Hi i despartely need a loan inorder to pay for my schools fees i have tried elsewhere but at every stoan turned i came back unvictorious the reason being the way i receive my income via CASH DEPOSIT into my bank as staff for the particular Pick 'n Pay store it is difficult for us to receive that form of help,my question is how can i be helped is Blue Fincncial Services capable of alliviating the weight of opportunites for people that do not meet company recommendations of receiving their Salaries via Transaction?

  • Hi. I am seeking financial help. A consolidation loan to pay off my debts and have my name cleared. Is there a way in which you can help me at Real people?

  • Do you need a loan? and do not know where
    to get a loan is the solution to get here. We offer all
    types of loans to businesses and individual, for more
    information please contact us for a quick loan
    via mail:trustfundingss@gmail.com

  • I am in need of a loan I have tried all black listed agency's but no hope if I can get R8000 by tomorrow you will be a life saver I work permanat job I am willing to pay back with interest pls help my number is 0744629938 pls