ABSA Study Loan with the student package

ABSA Study Loan have made it simple for individuals if you want to finance studies you do not need to worry about a thing they cover all from text books, accommodation and equipment and to apply you can apply online or visit your nearest branch with personal documents handy.

Ways to apply

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To apply for ABSA Study Loan you can apply online or visit your nearest branch with the supporting documents like the proof of payment, proof of study and course costs and the personal undertaking the loan must earn a minimum of R3 000 per month and if you qualify you get credited by ABSA Study Loan.

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What does the ABSA Study Loan offer

The ABSA Study loan offers loans based on your creditworthiness, it covers all accommodation, text books and equipments, access to credit protector plan and their interest rates are prime and you get a discount on study equipments make that dream come true with ABSA Study Loan or visit their website www.absa.co.za.

Contact details

Call: 0860 100 372 or Website:www.absa.co.za

ABSA Study Loan
ABSA Study Loan