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  1. anthony:

    I wud like to query abt my account at real people please I’m paying extra installments becos of this please help my number

  2. Elizabeth:

    Business loan

  3. Aaron Mabelane:


    Please provide information for blacklisted loan.

    Rate and maximum amount.

  4. R Malinga:

    I am a bit worried that i am debited to you a one month off payment , the debit went through but i am still receiving sms equiring whether i paid or not , can’t my payment on my personal loan reflect to your system -Ref-PLB316266- please lets talk about it .

  5. April Masimala:

    enquire about deductions from my bank acc

  6. beronichia:

    I want you to please assist me with settlement amounts on all my fnb loans.


  7. Marnitz:


  8. Martin:

    Payday Loans available from LittleLoans.

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